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G.I.Joe: The Rise of Cobra

       First off, let me tell you I hate CGI. I also hate dating, but that’s off topic (I’ve got issues).  The CGI in this film is highly noticable, which makes it worse for me.  Independence Day had excellent CGI and didn’t look it had been drawn in like a Demetri Martin stand-up.  But enough about that.
      This is a popcorn movie in every sense of the word.  Mindless and highly visual with acting being an afterthought.  For what is was, it was enjoyable.  Seeing Brendan Fraser in a cameo was refreshing, even if I knew ahead of time it was coming.  The plot is paint by numbers.  I’m surprised at the length however. Part of me was expecting longer and part of me was expecting shorter (it’s about 2 hours). 
      Dennis Quaid is great. As is Sienna Miller (what’s with everyone’s obsession with her?!).  I personally went because of the aforementioned cameo and Rachel Nichols (P2, Star Trek).  I enjoyed the film as a popcorn movie.  The car chase through Paris had me on the edge of my seat (to my surprise).  If the trailer appealed to you, you’ll like this movie. If you have any hesitation, wait for the DVD.  3 out of 5 stars.


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