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First of all, why hasn’t Peter Sarsgaard given more mainstream attention. He is becoming an actor that may one day win that oh so precious actor accolade. But enough about that.

Orphan is horror movie that actual scares you. The whole idea of adopting a child and finding out they are not what they seem is truly a worry many parents have (even the biological offspring illicit this too. J ) The story is about a tidy family of 4 who lose the latest edition by being stillborn. After a few years, the parents decide to adopt. That is when they come upon Esther, a mature little girl who spends most of her time alone at the orphanage. They bring her home where she makes her new younger sister her closest friend (and accomplice). As the story enfolds, the mom becomes suspicious of Esther after accidents start occurring. Which continue to escalate and make the mother look more crazy, regardless of whether her intuition is right or not.

The movie builds to a climax that is almost unexpected. Though there is a clue here and there, it doesn’t lend itself to a good enough foreshadow to ruin it. The film builds slowly, but effectively, as it pulls you along. Leaving you to feel the same exasperation the mother feels as the story enfolds.

If you’re a fan of horror and/or not a fan of adoption, this is for you. Effective without being extremely graphic, relying more on the psychology of the mother and adopted daughter. 4 out 5 stars.


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